Homeless Heroes


Homeless Heroes is an extension of The Butler Family Foundation, a 501(c)3 Non Profit Corporation.  We are dedicated to rescuing owner surrendered dogs and giving them a second chance. A recent study performed by the National Council of Pet Population stated that 96% of all owner surrendered dogs had no obedience training.  The sad truth is that owner surrendered dogs are among the first to be euthanized in shelters as there is no waiting period for owners to claim them. We believe with a little education these dogs will make wonderful additions to any family.



Our Homeless Heroes are either rescued from animal shelters or are referred to us by other rescue organizations.  Once a dog has joined our organization we ensure that all vaccinations are up to date, the dog is spayed or neutered, micro chipped, and heartworm, flea and tick treatment is begun.  All dogs that are available for adoption through Homeless Heroes have had a minimum of 4 weeks of training in our foster homes.  This will ensure that your Homeless Hero will be crate trained, house trained, perform basic commands, have good house manners, and will be socialized with adults, children, and other dogs.  We firmly believe in educating you and your dog to ensure that our Homeless Heroes are never homeless again.


With the adoption of your Homeless Hero you will receive a written report of your dog’s temperament and demeanor.  You will receive a Basic Training DVD to assist you in transferring all of the training into your home.  You will also be provided with a copy of all veterinary records, a collar, leash, and bag of food.


Our goal is to educate owners, significantly reduce the number of owner surrendered dogs, and save lives.

Watch "Owner Surrender PSA"

Please take a look at our Homeless Heroes who are ready for their forever home.



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