Puppy Recruiting is a program that we offer to help you find the perfect dog for your family.


This program is offered FREE OF CHARGE! If you are looking for a puppy or an older dog to add to your family we would love to help you. This program consists of a consultation to determine what breed or mix of breeds would be suitable to your family based on your wants and needs in a dog. After our initial consultation we will provide you with several breeds of dogs that we have determined to fit your criteria. Once a breed is determined we will help you locate a breeder, rescue, or shelter and if the location is within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex we will also temperament test the dogs in order to ensure the right temperament for your family. We have a list of reputable breeders that we work with as well as experience with rescue and shelter dogs.


If we can ensure that the right dog goes to the right home, then we can help keep dogs out of the shelters one home at a time!

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Donate to The Butler Family Foundation
Your donation will help with the procurement, training and care expenses of the service dogs who are training to be a child's sidekick. It will also help support our foster dog program which allows us the opportunity to rescue dogs from kill shelters that have the potential to be service dogs. Additionally, your donation will aid our research and development team who continue to push the boundaries of service training for dogs. With your help, we will continue to create training protocols for our multi-purpose service dogs that give us the possibility to share this groundwork with other trainers around the globe.

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Copyright 2015  |          Hilton Butler