Landon's Story


Landon’s father, Jason, describes June 10, 2010, Landon’s birthday, as a day of joy and heartache.


Soon after a complicated delivery, Landon was diagnosed with MECP2, a rare neurological disorder that manifests as epilepsy and autism. It is possible for children with this disorder to make progress with interventions and therapy, and Landon did make progress. He could speak, move about, and stand.


As Jason was coming to terms with Landon’s diagnosis, he suddenly found himself to be a single father, but this troublesome news did not stop his determination to make sure that Landon had the very best life possible.


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Father and son were making progress and then when Landon was two years old, he had a devastating seizure and briefly stopped breathing. Thinking about that day, Jason remembers his fear, “I thought it was the last time I would see Landon.” Since then, the progress that Landon had made in treatments and therapy was lost. He cannot communicate verbally and has limited movement.


Landon’s care consumes Jason physically, emotionally and financially. “I’m a man, you know. My job is to be a father... to provide, and I want to be the best I can be.”


When not at work, Jason cares for Landon and conducts research into ways that Landon might be helped, which led him to The Butler Family Foundation. After discussing Landon’s circumstances, Jason was invited to submit an application for Landon to be considered for a service dog.


What a great day it was for this adorable four year old who cannot walk and can speak only a few syllables to meet Louie. Landon’s world is expected to change dramatically with Louie as his protector and companion. With love and loyalty, Louie is now a part of Landon’s family, to protect and assist with everyday assurances and plenty of love.

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