During your dog’s stay we will reinforce all of the basic commands. The 5 basic commands (SIT, DOWN, STAY, COME and HEEL) will be strengthened, learned Off-Leash, and performed to a 90% training standard. This program will increase all of the tolerances for your dog. We will work on areas such as long distance stay and working through extreme distractions. This program is designed for dogs who have completed one of our Basic Training Programs or who can pass an evaluation of basic obedience with our trainer.




During Advanced Training your dog will use an E-Collar. The E-Collar is a necessity due to your dog being off-leash and needing the ability to correct him without physical contact. We recommend the E-Collar Technologies collar which will soon be found in our online shop. This program includes 3 private training sessions upon the course completion, our comprehensive Training Manual, as well as supportive video lessons.

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