About Hilton Butler's experience in the Air Force


Trained by the United States Air Force, Staff Sergeant Butler’s ten-year military career began with Operation Desert Storm. His final deployment was in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. An Explosive Detector Dog Handler by trade, his final tour was as an instructor with the Department of Defense Dog Training School where he trained Canines and Handlers for all branches of the military and other agencies such as the TSA, FBI, ATF and others.





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About Hilton Butler

 Law Enforcement


About Hilton Butler's TIME AS A POLICE OFFICER


Communication became the focus as Hilton transitioned from the military to the law enforcement community. Hilton’s talent as an instructor and love of teaching led him to become a Field Training Officer. The training of rookie police officers was not his only passion. Officer Butler was a patrolman, certified police instructor, and urban sniper. It was Hilton’s ability to connect and communicate with people that led to his final assignment as a Special Operations Unit Hostage Negotiator.





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About Hilton Butler





Hilton’s military and law enforcement background may seem extreme for a suburban dog trainer: Controlled Aggression, Tracking, Explosive Detection, Gunfire Tolerance… Hilton has been involved in a side of dog training that most people never knew existed. He has used this expertise to become a leader in the area of dog behavior modification, specializing in behaviors such as aggression, dominance, fear, and anxiety.


Hilton’s training philosophy has proven to be amazingly successful. Based on natural communication, using patience and the understanding of canine behavior and psychology, his training programs build confidence in both the dogs and their owners. Hilton has used his innate ability to communicate and to interpret communication to build versatile training plans that allow even the most novice dog owner to be successful. From puppy training to advanced off-leash obedience and building confidence in fearful rescue dogs to correcting dominance issues, you will find Hilton right at home in any situation.





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About Hilton Butler





Growing up with a chronically ill sibling and seeing firsthand the emotional toll and other hardships that it brings has given Hilton a unique perspective on children with disabilities and illnesses.


Parents of seven children, Hilton and his wife, Christine, know all too well the difficulties of raising a child with special needs. Having a child with multiple diagnoses, Hilton has used canine interaction as therapy within his own family. He and Christine understand the connection between these children and their service dogs and have seen the benefits time and time again.


When Hilton was contacted by a family in search of some very specialized dog training, he knew immediately that this was his calling. With the help of his family, Hilton began training a customized multi-purpose service dog to cover the needs of a child with multiple diagnoses. With the success of this service dog program, he launched The Butler Family Foundation in 2012 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.





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About Hilton Butler





Hilton began working with rescue organizations shortly after starting his K-9 Bootcamp in 2005. He donated his time to work at shelters with aggressive, anxious, or otherwise unadoptable rescue dogs. What he learned through these interactions disheartened him. No matter how many rescue dogs he helped more would be turned in to already overcrowded shelters. Hilton decided to tackle the problem at its source: owner surrenders. By educating owners about canine obedience and behavior and teaching them how to communicate with their dogs, he believed he could reduce the staggering numbers of dogs surrendered to shelters by their owners for minor behavior issues.


It is extremely hard to save the world on a budget. While the hearts in rescue are huge, the funds are not, and often rescue dogs get returned for the same reasons they were surrendered in the first place: miscommunication.


Through the Butler Family Foundation’s Homeless Heroes program, Hilton is helping from a different angle. By educating our foster families in basic obedience and behavior modification, Hilton can multiply his effort to reduce owner surrenders. By making foster homes not just a rest stop between the shelter and the new home, but a learning institution enhancing the new family’s understanding of how to communicate with their dog, he is assuring that the next forever home is just that... forever!


Whether serving his country as a military member, his community as a police officer, humanity through training service dogs, or canines through rescue efforts, Hilton Butler's passion for serving others is apparent and unwavering.





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